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Start with Paraiba World

Hello Paraiba world community, some of you must be wondering how do I start with Paraiba account?

Well first you need to ask your upline about further details. Since he is the one that brought you to Paraiba he should have more details about everything.

If he doesn’t answer all of your questions then he should go to his upline.

You see where this is going in order to keep support team out of trouble and unnecessary questions your sponsor should help you out.

Its not possible to register to Paraiba without a referral link so your upline should get an email once you have registered under him and he should contact you sooner or later.

Once you register an account you can visit info link in your Backoffice and there you have everything you need to get you started.

Start with Paraiba World

At least from there you will figure out how the system works and join our telegram chat room.

Then you should do a KYC verification to verify your identity. You need to make sure your image is not blurry to get successfully verified.

You can find your KYC verification page under your profile link right above Support. It usually takes 24 hours to get verified.

If you haven’t already you should visit our webinars on Wednesdays and Sundays.

You can find all the information and set webinars in your Backoffice once you register a free account.

Then you need to have a bitcoin wallet, it can be anywhere from blockchain to coinbase or bitpanda.

In order to start with Paraiba world you need to make a deposit in bitcoins to your wallet in Backoffice.

Paraiba Finance Page
Paraiba Finance Page

Minimum deposit is 25$ in bitcoin and reinvest is also 25$ in bitcoin.

Once you send the funds to set address in your account you need to allocate these funds into cycle.

Cycle is your active deposit (money that is working for you). If you don’t allocate your funds then you wont have profits on next payday.

Each cycle lasts 100 paydays which is roughly little over 6 months.

Paraiba Investment Cycle
Paraiba Investment Cycle

Keep in mind once you deposit those funds into cycle you cannot take them out. Money is being used to generate profits for you and the company.

Once the cycle ends you can reinvest or take your deposit out of the system which will result in contract ending.

Your profits from your deposit you can take out at any given time.

Minimum withdrawal amount is set to 100$, it used to be 500$ before but Paraiba has lowered it down.

This article should help you get started with Paraiba but its not enough to cover everything.

We will post more articles in the future about important things you need to know to help you with Paraiba.

Start with Paraiba World

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