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What is Paraiba World? If you want to be hands-off and enjoy more of your spare time, you might want to consider investing into Paraiba World – but make sure you understand the risks..

This is like a Business Opportunity for you except you don’t have to make your hands dirty. Paraiba has people working in the background and generating profits for everyone. It has been doing so for over 14 months now. Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision and Paraiba has all that.

 In a few words, what is PARAIBA Really?Paraiba World began in October 2019 and is owned by the Unique Bank – a fully licensed global
financial institution located in the Comoros Union that delivers tailor made financial
solutions for corporations, businesses and individuals.

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe. We firmly believe this company has everything it takes to build a sustainable business of the future. Our CEO has a vision and big plans ahead and we are positive he will accomplish them all.

See the Paraiba World homepage
• Paraiba offers a 100% passive solution for those seeking to profit in Cryptocurrency
• Currently, the company has 7 Highly Skilled Cryptocurrency Traders & some Forex
• Traders MUST put down collateral for any drawdowns that could result in loss…this allows the company TO NEVER LOSE


It pays from 0.3% to 0.5% per business day (4 days per week from Thurs. – Sun.) which is About 5% – 8% per month. Specific strategies can increase this substantially
• The CEO is Erich Ely who resides in Germany; Businessman and highly skilled Cryptocurrency trader (3+ years)
• Backoffice is cosmetically appealing, performs very well and is secured by specialized
Artificial Intelligence Anti-Hacking technology that’s prevented millions of hack attempts

• Minimum Deposit/Re-Deposit is $25 USD … $100+ to Qualify for Bonuses ($1,000+ USD
encouraged for BEST commission potential)
• Each Cycle lasts 100 business days (4 days per week)…which is about 6 months
• LIFETIME Contract however, full deposit can be removed (if desired) after each cycle
• Well thought out and POWERFUL Compensation plan for BUSINESS BUILDERS with 5
streams of revenue that have created 5 & 6 figure monthly INCOMES
• BTC in/BTC out (deposits/withdrawals); Additions options coming soon (Sepa/Alt coins)
• Withdrawals are once per week by Sunday 6 pm EST…paid within 1-3 business days
New Products & Services (Updated Oct. 2020)

Unique Bank has purchased an existing and successful Cryptocurrency Exchange (now
called the Unique Exchange); Members can buy/sell cryptocurrency and manage their
Paraiba account; Full Trading coming soon along with referral opportunity
• Unique Bank will offer (Nov. 2020) a Hybrid Certificate offering a guaranteed % per annum + a MONTHLY % of the profit generated by the Unique Exchange
• Secure Messaging App called Paraiba Chat (similar to Telegram/Whatsapp) with superior
security features that allows you to 100% control your OWN data; Email and Crypto
Wallet additions coming soon

Paraiba World Basic rules of investing

It’s a basic rule of investing that to improve your chance of a better return you have to accept more risk. Paraiba World does have certain risks and is not for any investor but it gives reasonable weekly returns. It can help you smooth out the returns while still achieving growth, and reduce the overall risk in your portfolio.

Research shows that investors who watch their investments day to day tend to buy and sell too often and get poorer returns than investors who leave their money to grow for the long term.

One investment cycle in Paraiba World lasts 6 months where your money is working for you. You cant take that money out of circulation but you can withdraw all profits at any time.

What is Ethereum

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a form of blockchain which is one of the most actively used. It has become, by market capitalization, the second largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. The native currency of Ethereum is Ether (ETH). 

How to Start a Crypto Fund

The cryptocurrency world was in the information all through 2017, essentially due to the sharp sensitivity in the view of Bitcoin and the developing currency of new coins, like NEM and Ardor. The year besides informed financial followers of the huge unpredictability that can happen in the crypto market, other than displaying the premium of standard banks and institutional financial sponsors.