paraiba world payouts

Paraiba World Payouts

Paraiba World Payouts

Hello Paraiba World, as many of you are probably wondering about payouts we will try to cover it in this article.

Your profits on your acount you can withdraw everyday using unique exchange or once per week with paraiba platform.

All profits are displayed in US dollars but it is infact bitcoin in the background. So payouts or withdrawals you do will be in bitcoin until you convert it using unique exchange.

Unique Exchange has very reasonable fees and all those profits from fees stay in paraiba which is amazing.

Paraiba World UX

Paraiba World Payouts

You can use UX to exchange any currency including withdrawals in read more

Paraiba World Partner

Becoming a Paraiba World Partner

Paraiba World Partner

Hello Paraiba World members,in this article we will cover the basics of paraiba partnership program.

As you might have noticed once you register an acount you can see everything in your backoffice, including affiliate link.

Paraiba World Partner

When you go to your profile page you can accept Affiliate TAC and become a Paraiba partner.

Paraiba World Partner

You can find more detailed information about compensation list in our article paraiba world compensation plan which is highlighted above.

Once you become a paraiba partner you can profit from your firstline and downline acounts with no limits.

Your partners and ranks in your downline are not limited which gives you alot of possibilities. Firstly you decide if you want to promote paraiba to your friends read more

CEO Erich with Mario


As you can see above “Paraiba World” has amazing members and they keep growing day by day. They have frequent webinars,very informative conventions and great CEO that is always around.

As pictured in gallery above they organise trips to various countries as a special reward for their most loyal members. Paraiba World rewards their top investors and leaders alike by paying for their vaccation twice a year. Everything is included and payed for, even flight tickets.

Paraiba World also has power days where they motivate and inform their investors. These kind of events read more

Paraiba world insider tip

Paraiba World Review & Insider Tipps

“Paraiba World” -Insider Tipp / Review

Hello world, here is a little Paraiba World Review from me, as a part time hobby cryptocurrency miner and a person with a familly and no job.

I have joined Paraiba program while on a meeting with a close friend.

He showed me this opportunity and i decided to try it out.We all work hard for our money and its very difficult for us part from it especially when you have to invest somewhere and hope to get your money back.

I am in Paraiba World for over 5 months now and i have met some incredible individuals with goals that will blow your mind away.

People that dont talk much but make things happend!!!


People read more

Paraiba world green

Paraiba World opinion – Gets Green Light from large audience

In cryptospace and MLM world of uncertainty Paraiba World steps up and shows everyone how its done.

They just make it happend and put trust back into MLM and crypto industry. (Paraiba World opinion)

Paraiba World has grown in the last 12 month and has over 20 000 investors worldwide. Over 20 million in its streamline which is a testament to its security and success.

Most of the companies are long gone cause of COVID and wrong systems being implemented which in long term just cannot last and consumers end up being left in the dust.

– Paraiba World Summa Summarum-

People that are on the sideline watching are just wasting their time read more

Paraiba world Ltd fake or legit

Paraiba World fake or legit ?

Paraiba World Ltd. fake or legit ?

Paraiba world fake or legit business on crypto market, the best way to ask yourself if something is fake or legit in my opinion is to give it a try.

For example, everybody knows about Investment funds or any other type of investments.

An Investment is nothing more than to give somebody your money so they can work with. They have some profit then they return you your money or investment you gave to them with % in comissions.

When we come to the conclusion that we make an investment we want to make sure that we don’t put our money into one hole where it never will get lost.

read more