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Paraiba World diamond

Paraiba World Compensation Plan

Paraiba world

Paraiba World Compensation Plan members invest $25 or more on the promise of an advertised daily return.

  • invest up to $49,999 receive 0.3% a day
  • invest $50,000 or more receive 0.5% a day

Paraiba world compensation plan

Paraiba World Profits are paid for 100 days, after which the initially invested amount is also returned

Note that to qualify for commissions a member must have an active investment of $100 or more.

Recruitment Commissions

Paraiba World membership earn commissions on funds invested by personally recruited members.

Recruitment commission rate are calculated based on the number of personally recruited members:

  • 1 to 4  members and you will receive a 0.05% recruitment commission rate
  • 5 to 9 members and you will receive a 0.1% recruitment commission rate
  • 10 to 19 members and you willreceive a 0.2% recruitment commission rate
  • 20 or more members and you will receive a 0.3% recruitment commission rate

Note that in order to count towards recruitment commission qualification, personally recruited members must invest at least $100.

Residual Commissions

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Paraiba world Ltd fake or legit

Paraiba World fake or legit ?

Paraiba World Ltd. fake or legit ?

Paraiba world fake or legit business on crypto market, the best way to ask yourself if something is fake or legit in my opinion is to give it a try.

For example, everybody knows about Investment funds or any other type of investments.

An Investment is nothing more than to give somebody your money so they can work with. They have some profit then they return you your money or investment you gave to them with % in comissions.

When we come to the conclusion that we make an investment we want to make sure that we don’t put our money into one hole where it never will get lost.

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Paraiba world Ltd crypto trading

5 ways to growing your investment daily !

Paraiba World is growing


5 ways Paraiba World is growing your investment daily

Being interested in Paraiba passive investment opportunities I’m sure you came across some terminology that seemed a bit confusing when you first looked at the dashboard. Streamline, downline, firstline, pools … only to mention a few, Paraiba World is growing…

I’ll try to summarize in 5 easy points how each profit line you’re making with Paraiba World works for you and why you don’t need to utilize them all if you don’t want to.  

  1. Profit from your deposit

This is simplest to explain and also to do. Every investor receives 0.3% of their deposit read more