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Crypto Trading

  1. It does not encourage greed (sustainability)

Everyone got in touch with some or other get- rich – quick scheme in their lifetimes. As history showed, if it looked too good to be true. It usually was (except for the few people at the top, pulling the strings, and their confidants). Recent financial history is full of stories like that. Paraiba World Auto Crypto Trading is different. It promises you daily returns of 0.3% to 0.5% per business day (4 days per week from Thursday – Sunday.)

Keeping some reserve, and additional rewards for so called business builders who want to make more by helping their growth.

  1. Your money is available to you

While your deposit takes 100 business days to mature (6 months), your earnings are available to you whenever you want.

Paydays are clearly announced, and you get to withdraw or reinvest your money. Whenever you want!

There are even additional options coming soon (SEPA – Single Euro Payments Area and Alt coins), being made possible by recently launched Unique Exchange.

Auto Crypto Trading

  1. Accountable professional traders take care of your earnings

Currently, the company has highly skilled cryptocurrency and forex traders.

These high – volume professionals must put down collateral for any drawdowns that could result in loss.

This allows the company to hold them accountable and be protected in case of individual failures.

  1. Local European based leadership

The CEO is Erich Ely resides in Germany and is a skilled businessman and highly skilled cryptocurrency trader.

While the company employs same tactics as most international business. They are based in a country that enables tailor made financial solutions for corporations. Businesses and individuals (like Google, Amazon and basically all leading international companies), that’s just being smart.

Nobody calls Google out for being shady for basically operating all their wealth from Bermudas, that’s just how business is done these days.

Like Google with their Bermuda headquarters Paraiba (named Unique Bank) is a fully licensed global financial institution. This Bank is located in the Comoros Union.

Best Automated Crypto Trading Platform

  1. Product roadmap is rich and can enhance profits by far

Unlike the one horse any pony shows that started and failed with a single-track idea. They basically worked by keeping new money flowing in, Paraiba World keeps investing and broadening their product line.

Unique bank has purchased an existing and successful Cryptocurrency Exchange (now called the Unique Exchange). Members can now buy and sell cryptocurrency and manage their Paraiba account. Full trading is coming soon along with referral opportunity.

A secure messaging app (Paraiba Chat) is also coming along and we all know how encrypted communication has changed the world.

These five points, among many more, are the reasons I have no problems trusting Paraiba World and the people behind it.

They are doing the heavy lifting and work so we can enjoy a smart and passive way of enhancing our wealth.

Best Automated Crypto Trading Platform