Unique Exchange Bank
Unique Exchange Bank

“Paraiba World” partners with Unique Exchange

Oh Boy, these are the good times when you are part of a growing company where everyone is happy and gaining profits every week.

This month was hard for Paraiba, first they had to cancel the annual convention in Slovenia cause of Corona situation.

It just was not possible for them to organize it there because of all restriction going on in Austria and everywhere.

“Paraiba World” Crypto LLC

Then they were time limited to find a place and host a convention for one year Paraiba birthday celebration in Austria.

It was very hard on organization and logistics but they pulled it through and came out as winners with major new updates.

One of major updates I will address in this article today. Paraiba World has announced partnership with its sister company Crypto LLC.

With this feature investors will be able to take out their money on daily basis but it comes with regulation and laws.

KYC is much more difficult to process and we saw in chat people struggling to verify their identity.

This is a transition process which we all must pass through in order to use all the benefits this exchange has to offer.

All information about Unique Exchange is visible down bellow.


Unique Exchange

Avtomshemebeli Street, No. 88; 0190 Kutaisi; Georgia

All information about UX including their website address you can find down bellow.

Crypto LLC Official Youtube Channel:

Full features of Unique Exchange platform are available to everyone even foreign traders.

Once you have registered and verified your identity you are clear to use it.

Paraiba has opened its fiat gateway to its investors and this can only get more exciting as we go.

We will keep you updated on this exchange as we go but so far they haven’t merged


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