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Paraiba World News, latest webinar by Erich Ely and Martin (The Webinator).

System Changes being Implemented

1) Changes in the Compensation Plan:

It has been seen that quite a few people have found ways to trick the system in a way that wasn’t intended.

Naturally Erich Ely had to put a hold to this misuse. As we all should be interested in the stability of the company.

We should welcome the new regulations because they are in here to protect the system and its stability.

Everybody who is building his team in a natural way won’t have any issues. Only people who are trying to trick the system won’t be able to do that anymore.

2) Changes in the Rank Bonus:

The Rank Bonus is intended to reward people who are building teams and training their team members. Which in return means they can become successful with Paraiba World.

In order to prevent people from tricking the system the downline ranks that are needed for the qualification must come from different lines (50/50 rule), not just from one line as it was before.

Also, one needs to have reached a certain pool to qualify for a certain rank. What is great is that now fewer downline ranks are needed then before for both Red and Paraiba Diamond.

3) Changes in the Downline Bonus:

Here a similar rule applies, you need at least 2 lines to get the DL Bonus (which has been in place since May already).

What’s new is that there is a cap at $3000 per day. This means now that the maximum you can earn from the DL bonus is 3000$.


A new pool has been set up. 0.01% of the company-wide streamline (not the personal streamline!). It will be shared between those who reach the maximum of $3000 per day within their downline Bonus.

Unique Exchange


Erich said that there has been a lot of work done into providing us all the options we have with the Exchange.

As we can all imagine it also costed alot of money so he expects the members to use it.

  Unique Exchange Bank Cover Photo
Unique Exchange Bank

We are now able to access our balance in Paraiba AT ANY TIME, night and day, on our own. We no longer have to make a withdrawal request and wait for the payment!

This is a service that no other company offers and we should appreciate that.

Most people don’t realize that by using this option wisely, they can make additional money with the raising BTC rate by being able to time it accurately.

If we wait until Wednesday to receive the payout, we will loose value because Erich times the payouts to BTC tops, which is better for the company.

Paraiba World News

The option to withdraw via Paraiba will be faded out this year, and UX will be the only way to do that.
Instead of being grateful for this wonderful option to be in control of members funds at all times, Erich sees the members complaining in the chat rooms, moaning about the fees of the Exchange.

Erich said that the fee structure is in a testing phase. They need to watch the transactions that are running through the Exchange. Unique Exchange will adjust the fees accordingly.

It should also be clear to everybody that percentage-wise, the fees are higher on low amounts than on high amounts, because there is a minimum at each transaction. So naturally it’s more effective to transfer/exchange higher amounts than small amounts.

Erich also mentioned that people would save fees by leaving the BTC on the Exchange, instead of transferring the BTC to another wallet and then back to Paraiba.

We all should be aware that the Exchange is a big asset for the company, a strong pillar and additional stabilization.

It was not cheap to acquire it, and Erich didn’t charge any deposit or withdrawal fees in the first year of business.

Now that we have this great asset we all should use it, which is supporting the company that pays us and grows our money consistantly.

Paraiba World News and latest updates

6) UPB Hybrid Certificate:

Through the UPB Hybrid Certificate we can all participate in the fees from ALL transactions that are running through the Exchange.

No other exchange offers this! Other Exchanges have affiliate programs, where you can earn a small percentage of the fees coming from the people you personally recommend to the exchange, but not from the fees of ALL USERS!
This is huge, people need to understand the great potential here and get some shares to benefit from this amazing offer.

Paraiba World News
Paraiba World News

Members can purchase shares with their profits from Paraiba. They should make sure to have the money on their Exchange account either in bitcoin or EUR/USD (not mixed) 14 days after they reserved the shares, so the amount can be taken from there.

Paraiba World Application

7) Paraiba App:

The Paraiba App will get a big update in the near future. This is a multi-functional Application.

Which means you will be able to use several services like messaging, phone, video-calls, video-conferences, email, blockchain based applications, shop integrations, etc. all within one Application.

You wont have to pay monthly fees for Zoom anymore or be restricted to 45 minutes, you will be able to use our Application for that!

Paraiba World will be running on the App in the future, all of that is being programmed right now. The App will be launched worldwide.

Think about the great tools that you get from us to go out and share the vision with other people!

Paraiba World News

8) KYC / Support:

Please have some patience with the support, there are 5 people working sometimes until the early morning hours. They are really overloaded right now because of the high amount of support tickets coming in.

Some people are sending 5 tickets on the same issue because they have no patience which really slows everything down!

Also make sure to follow the instructions and send only allowed documents, this helps greatly in reducing the support work.

Some people upload any regular bill, whereas only official bills can be accepted.

Which is made clear in the instructions which people tend to ignore and then wonder why the KYC is not approved.

9) Online Event on Saturday, Nov 28th, 10 am EST:

Erich invites everybody to the online event on Saturday.

Here you can see from him about new developments for the company which is always expanding and entering into new fields.

It will be exciting for everybody, make sure to login on time, the room is for 1000 attendees max.

Erich ended with the words: “You are the greatest for me because you make Paraiba great, not me, I just give you the tools, make something of it!”

Paraiba World News Quick Summary

Here’s my quick viewpoint on the small Compensation alterations.

  1. Downline Bonus

This cap is something I thought they should have implemented longtime ago. Early members would truly rake in vast profit if they didn’t cap it. I think $3,000 per day should suffice for most and now with the new Global Pool. Which is a very good bonus.

  1. Rank Bonus

This makes sense as there are groups who were buying their way into the top ranks without actually building a team.

This should not be allowed. Most will hit the Pools as they are growing anyway. It might take a tad longer for some to hit certain ranks.

But for Red and Paraiba Diamond they also made some of it easier with less team diamond qualification.

Overall, this won’t affect the vast majority of members. It did not affect me at all. It will only really affect those who were trying to abuse the system.

In my opinion, these were smart alterations that only make us stronger for the future!

Paraiba World News and Updates

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