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This website is here for all people that want to raise their standard of living to a higher level, with a certain risk. However on a total unique way Paraiba World ltd is platform for generating profits, acts on a principle of calculated risks involved which is governed by statistics of decentralised products.

We are not financial advisors, personally we use softwares and company products of Paraiba World, however every company can cease to exit at any given time. So each and every one of us should take responsibility and risk for themselves,personally control your own risk and do not let the greed take you over. Positive results up until now dont guarantee it will stay like that in the future.This is just a business opportunity that we can accept or decline.

This is a story about how we met Paraiba World and what informations we discovered about this company.

From a close friend of ours we recieved an invitation to Power Day in Vienna

paraiba world power day
There we saw how company operates, its products and services and personally spoke with Paraiba World CEO Erich Ely.

Few weeks have gone by, and afterwards we did many background checks on this company and  decided to go to Convention in Spielberg where Paraiba World celebrated its first birthday.


Every promise Paraiba made sofar the company has fullfiled and kept its reputation clean, it has achieved so much in the last year of its existance.


To our surprise we could reach out to CEO Erich Ely and we had a very nice chat with him regarding his company and trading in the background.

He generously showed us live some of their trading results.

What touched us the most on this event was the donation Paraiba has presented to Down Syndrom institute in Leoben.

In return they have made a cake for Paraiba World to celebrate its first birthday.

Afterwards Erich Ely explained us security levels implemented behind the scenes. And he also showed us how the company runs deposits and profits.

There is so many things to write about Paraiba that we cannot fit into one single article so we will post as we go.

So who are we?

We are individuals that use Paraiba World services and we are highly motivated in helping others in our Community.

Here on our website you will find real, fresh and latest updates about Paraiba World trading, profits and future plans.

We joined Paraiba World as a team few months back and we are very satisfied with this company.

While we receive affiliate compensation for reviews on this page. We always offer honest opinions and experiences, and genuine views related to the product or service itself.

Our goal is to help you make the best purchasing decisions, however, the views and opinions expressed are ours only.

You should always do your own research to verify any claims, results, and statistics before making any decisions.

Clicking links or purchasing products recommended on this page may generate income for this website from affiliate commissions. You should assume we are compensated for any purchases you make.

The reality is that if you give funds to a third party,there is risk…period. That said, as time goes by, you’ll realize some things that many of us have…

– Our CEO and Paraiba have positive intentions for the Company and the Membership.
– Every possible safety aspect has been put into place.

-The set up of the Bank and Company are in safe countries.

– The Compensation plan numbers make sense.

– Investments on the back end continue to grow and evolve bigger and better to keep us strong.

– The Company makes MORE profit monthly than is needed to pay us…keeping the Company solid.

– Paraiba is the ONLY company that has collateralized trading (traders must risk their own btc in case of loss).

– We have 1 year of PROVEN Success.

It is very important to state that Paraiba World profits and rewards for affiliate program are coming from actual manual trading, NOT from deposits.

This is what separates Paraiba World from other mlm ponzy schemes.

One of many features Paraiba World has is its chat based on blockchain technology which you can find and download here:

Paraiba World Chat is also available on Google Play Store and IOS platforms.

Paraiba World Mobile aplication


The importance of security and privacy in today’s communication is critical. Companies are looking to mine everything you say or do. Hackers are eagerly interested in your personal details for nefarious reasons.

The Paraiba chat app was created with the core belief that your data is yours and should never be shared with anyone else. Our data security is of the intelligence community grade. We will never sell your data to third parties, that is our commitment and promise.

Above that, we have developed this app for safe and private communication for all users and will be continuing to improve the application user friendliness so it can be enjoyed by all of our members alike.

Happy chatting and communication from the Paraiba World ltd team!

This chat is user friendly also highly encrypted and in the future they will add more exciting features like secret emails,wallets and group chats.

This application values your privacy and doesnt abuse your personal information by selling it to other companies.

After all background checking, we decided to invest some of our spare money.

Profits and all the promises they made have came true, down to every last detail.

How much satisfaction and profits we get from Paraiba World is a story for itself.

All of this and much more will share with you very soon…

Paraiba World Group