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Welcome to official Paraiba World Community Gallery. Here you will find all information about Events and Updates but just in pictures. Because we all know that one picture says 1000 words. We will update this gallery every week for community to have fresh images and new informations.

We hope you will enjoy your stay on our gallery. Pictures are listed down bellow:

As you can see above “Paraiba World” has amazing members and they keep growing day by day. They have frequent webinars,very informative conventions and great CEO that is always around.

As pictured in gallery above they organise trips to various countries as a special reward for their most loyal members. Paraiba World rewards their top investors and leaders alike by paying for their vaccation twice a year. Everything is included and payed for, even flight tickets.

Paraiba World also has power days where they motivate and inform their investors. These kind of events help everyone involved to get a clear picture about everything that is going on in the company.

At this point in time company has over 20 000 investors and over 20 million in streamline. We are convinced that the company will keep growing so we can all one day go and travel to visit various countries with our CEO Erich Ely.

If you have any pictures from Paraiba World conventions and its community please make sure to leave a comment or message us via our contact forms.

This gallery is subject to change many times a week as we will update pictures later on. Please take this into consideration when you visit our website next time.

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