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BUILD your Paraiba Business Important Tips and Strategies

BUILD your Paraiba Business.

As someone who has been in the Network Marketing space for 20 years and the Crypto space for the last 5 years.

I’ve developed some mindset and marketing skills that have helped me become a 5-figure monthly earner here in Paraiba. I want to SEE YOU DO IT TOO! Here are 3 Important Aspectsthat have helped me achieve SUCCESS in LIFE, Business and certainly Paraiba:

paraiba world strategies

Paraiba World Business Strategies

Belief in YOURSELF, change your mindset.Share the Paraiba World Business Overview.

Belief in the Company, (Trust and Enthusiasm).

Three C’s (Committed, Coachable & Consistent). Again Belief in YOURSELF (Mindset). This is #1…without confidence in yourself, nothing else matters.

Every day is a CHOICE to be negative or positive. Once you believe, you will achieve.

Paraiba World Profits for You

Paraiba World Profits for you

Paraiba World Profits for You
Paraiba World Profits for You

5 reasons Paraiba World Passive income is for you

Paraiba World Profits. Money working for you is not that of a hard sell, really. It is just the mental limitation that is there when you hear the phrase … “Money working for you” …

When people think that, they usually see big wealth generating even bigger wealth. They ignore the fact every ball started rolling at one point or the other (hence, it didn’t grow by being static and doing nothing at all).

Here are the 5 reasons I take into consideration when I talk and think “passive income”. You are welcome to read it and apply it to your own situation.

Paraiba World Profits

Paraiba World Profits

  1. Every dollar earned means more free time for you

If you make read more

paraiba world bafin

Paraiba World Bafin FMA Response

Paraiba World Bafin, FMA Press Release.

Unique Private Bank Ltd. Bonovo Road. Fomboni Island of Moheli Comoros Union.

Company Registration Number : HY0051924.

Banking License Number : B2019017.

PRESS RELEASE October 2020 Part 1

Dear Paraiba World and Unique Exchange members. In the past few months many of you have probably seen bad propaganda that was circulating in the internet.

This negative press are stating false claims about Paraiba World, its origins and or its founder, staff and associates. Such claims gained momentum into rumors about potential disfunction within our company, our associates and our operation.

Since the read more

Paraiba World

Paraiba World – Making YOU a free person

Paraiba World (Business Opportunity) does make you a free and happy person because your money is working for you. Have you ever asked yourself how time passes very fast? Time is something very valuable in our lives. We cant stop time, we cant turn it back or fast forward it. If you dont value your time, neither will others. Stop giving away your time and talents - start charging for it.

auto crypto trading platform

5 reasons why to join Paraiba World “auto crypto trading”

auto crypto trading platform
Auto crypto trading platform

Auto Crypto Trading

  1. It does not encourage greed (sustainability)

Everyone got in touch with some or other get- rich – quick scheme in their lifetimes. As history showed, if it looked too good to be true. It usually was (except for the few people at the top, pulling the strings, and their confidants). Recent financial history is full of stories like that. Paraiba World Auto Crypto Trading is different. It promises you daily returns of 0.3% to 0.5% per business day (4 days per week from Thursday – Sunday.)

Keeping some reserve, and additional rewards for so called business builders who want to make more by helping their growth.

  1. Your money is available to you

While your deposit takes read more

pariba world deposit

Paraiba World Deposits

Paraiba World

Hello Paraiba World Community, in this article we will try to cover how to fund your Paraiba acount.How to make a deposit into your Paraiba acount?

How to make Paraiba World Deposit ?


In menu click on Finance




Insert amount and click on Calculate


Send Bitcoin to your wallet

Its important to say that when you send bitcoins to your ledger on Paraiba acount, your investment isnt activated yet.

You will need to move your funds into portfolio in order for it to become active and work for you.

Minimum deposit to Paraiba acount is 25$ in bitcoins. It is highly recommended for you to always send 1 or 2$ more cause of blockchain and bitcoin price changes.



1. Click on DEPOSIT, 2. click on SAVE


Insert authentication code that you recieve in your email – Code is valid 5 minutes

Once read more

paraiba world payouts

Paraiba World Payouts

Paraiba World Payouts

Hello Paraiba World, as many of you are probably wondering about payouts we will try to cover it in this article.

Your profits on your acount you can withdraw everyday using unique exchange or once per week with paraiba platform.

All profits are displayed in US dollars but it is infact bitcoin in the background. So payouts or withdrawals you do will be in bitcoin until you convert it using unique exchange.

Unique Exchange has very reasonable fees and all those profits from fees stay in paraiba which is amazing.

Paraiba World UX

Paraiba World Payouts

You can use UX to exchange any currency including withdrawals in read more

Paraiba World Partner

Becoming a Paraiba World Partner

Paraiba World Partner

Hello Paraiba World members,in this article we will cover the basics of paraiba partnership program.

As you might have noticed once you register an acount you can see everything in your backoffice, including affiliate link.

Paraiba World Partner

When you go to your profile page you can accept Affiliate TAC and become a Paraiba partner.

Paraiba World Partner

You can find more detailed information about compensation list in our article paraiba world compensation plan which is highlighted above.

Once you become a paraiba partner you can profit from your firstline and downline acounts with no limits.

Your partners and ranks in your downline are not limited which gives you alot of possibilities. Firstly you decide if you want to promote paraiba to your friends read more

Start with paraiba world

Your start with Paraiba World

Start with Paraiba World

Hello paraiba world community, some of you must be wondering how do I start with paraiba account?

Well first you need to ask your upline about further details. Since he is the one that brought you to paraiba he should have more details about everything.

If he doesnt answer all of your questions then he should go to his upline.

You see where this is going,in order to keep support team out of trouble and unnecessary questions your sponsor should help you out.

Its not possible to register to paraiba without a referral link so your upline should get an email once you have registered under him and he read more