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Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg Has Another Answer to Bitcoin

Mark Zuckerberg – (Bloomberg Opinion). Last year’s backlash against Facebook Incs planned digital currency Libra would have been most CEOs worst nightmare.

Governments and regulators linked arms to repel a perceived threat to monetary sovereignty, financial stability and data privacy.

The more Mark Zuckerberg tried to reassure politicians by talking up financial inclusion and innovation, the more he came across like a tobacco boss denying cigarettes are addictive.

Gold Bitcoin on table | Mark Zuckerberg Has Another Answer to Bitcoin
Mark Zuckerberg Has Another Answer to Bitcoin

He even acknowledged the problem: “I get that I’m not the ideal messenger for this.”

That hasn’t deterred him. Given read more

Unique Exchange

Unique Exchange Introduction What is Unique Exchange? UNIQUE Exchange is a D-A-CH Fintech startup specializing in the online trading of Fiat and crypto currencies.

*D-A-CH stands for Germany-Austria-Switzerland.

The services of UNIQUE Exchange are aimed at people who wish to buy, trade and use crypto currencies in everyday life.

Unique Exchange offers all users a simple to use secure and trustworthy access to digital assets.

Paraiba World bought an existing exchange platform that had 15 000 registered users.

Our CEO Erich Ely has placed low transaction fees for everyone so that we can all use this exchange. In long term this means more profits for the company and more sustainable business model.

Paraiba World Profits for You

Paraiba World Profits for you

Paraiba World Profits for You
Paraiba World Profits for You

5 reasons Paraiba World Passive income is for you

Paraiba World Profits. Money working for you is not that of a hard sell, really. It is just the mental limitation that is there when you hear the phrase … “Money working for you” …

When people think that, they usually see big wealth generating even bigger wealth. They ignore the fact every ball started rolling at one point or the other (hence, it didn’t grow by being static and doing nothing at all).

Here are the 5 reasons I take into consideration when I talk and think “passive income”. You are welcome to read it and apply it to your own situation.

Paraiba World Profits Animated Graph
Paraiba World Profits Animated Graph

Paraiba World Profits

  1. Every dollar earned means more free time for you

If you make read more

paraiba world bafin

Paraiba World Bafin FMA Response

Paraiba World Bafin, FMA Press Release.

Unique Private Bank Ltd. Bonovo Road. Fomboni Island of Moheli Comoros Union.

Company Registration Number : HY0051924.

Banking License Number : B2019017.

PRESS RELEASE October 2020 Part 1

Dear Paraiba World and Unique Exchange members. In the past few months many of you have probably seen bad propaganda that was circulating in the internet.

This negative press are stating false claims about Paraiba World, its origins and or its founder, staff and associates. Such claims gained momentum into rumors about potential disfunction within our company, our associates and our operation.

Since the read more

Paraiba World

Paraiba World – Making YOU a free person

Paraiba World (Business Opportunity) does make you a free and happy person because your money is working for you. Have you ever asked yourself how time passes very fast? Time is something very valuable in our lives. We cant stop time, we cant turn it back or fast forward it. If you dont value your time, neither will others. Stop giving away your time and talents - start charging for it.

auto crypto trading platform

5 reasons why to join Paraiba World “auto crypto trading”

Paraiba World Auto Crypto Trading Platform
Paraiba World Auto Crypto Trading Platform

Auto Crypto Trading

  1. It does not encourage greed (sustainability)

Everyone got in touch with some or other get- rich – quick scheme in their lifetimes. As history showed, if it looked too good to be true. It usually was (except for the few people at the top, pulling the strings, and their confidants). Recent financial history is full of stories like that. Paraiba World Auto Crypto Trading is different. It promises you daily returns of 0.3% to 0.5% per business day (4 days per week from Thursday – Sunday.)

Keeping some reserve, and additional rewards for so called business builders who want to make more by helping their growth.

  1. Your money is available to you

While your deposit takes read more

Paraiba world insider tip

Paraiba World Review & Insider Tipps

Paraiba World Insider Tips & Reviews
“Paraiba World” -Insider Tipp / Review

Hello world, here is a little Paraiba World Review from me, as a part time hobby cryptocurrency miner and a person with a family and no job.

I have joined Paraiba program while on a meeting with a close friend.

He showed me this opportunity and i decided to try it out. We all work hard for our money and its very difficult for us part from it especially when you have to invest somewhere and hope to get your money back.

I am in Paraiba World for over 5 months now and I have met some incredible individuals with goals that will blow your mind away.

read more

Paraiba world green

Paraiba World opinion – Gets Green Light from large audience

In crypto space and MLM world of uncertainty Paraiba World steps up and shows everyone how its done.

They just make it happened and put trust back into MLM and crypto industry. (Paraiba World opinion)

Paraiba World has grown in the last 12 month and has over 20 000 investors worldwide. Over 20 million in its streamline which is a testament to its security and success.

Paraiba world investors

Most of the companies are long gone cause of COVID and wrong systems being implemented which in long term just cannot last and consumers end up being left in the dust.

– Paraiba World Summa Summarum-

People that are on the sideline watching are just wasting their read more