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About Paraiba World

Unique Private Bank is a global financial institution that delivers tailor made financial solutions for corporates, businesses and individuals.

We are highly regarded in dealing with unusual asset class situations. We create liquidity, and can assist you in further standard and non-standard investments. And Unique Private Bank performs quickly.

Paraiba World has clients all over the world. Our clients range from law offices, to business visionaries, sole merchants, ostracizes and lots of top assets clients.

Our way of thinking is not to place you into standard solutions but to listen to your needs. Understand the situation, quickly develop a custom-made solution, and assist in its implementation.

Unique Private Bank prides itself on providing class-leading, pragmatic results.

About Paraiba World

At this time there are many internet money saving cooperatives specialists in saving money.

However, you can put more trust in a bank that has legal backing. Also we have staff which claimed by authorized and moral professionals.

You can trust our organization of giving you the best.

Though, many real organizations are known for having a bad attitude of not being available when their client needs to get across to them.

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However we will try hard in various ways available for you to get to us. Our administration who are dedicated and well staffed can offer you great communication experience. Therefore we will strive for you to experience unparalleled customer satisfaction in all service rendered to you.

Privacy is also an exceptional aspect of our work amidst other essential components.

Because of that we make sure our customers are protected through these four key components:

The IT department of our organization is totally secure with the sole aim to keep off any interruption.

The information written by our customers on our site is encoded using SSL testament encryption. Therefore, our site is completely secure.

During transmission between your program and the bank, the information cannot be changed.

The finalizing of comparative exchanges and even Record exchanges can only be done by you.

The policy that binds our framework is one off which money restricting exchanges are viewed electronically.

About Paraiba World

In accordance to the laws, our services are not governed by the Congressional Research Service Reports ,Financial Action Task Force, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

or any available International Co-operative Review Group. Therefore, giving total confidentiality and security of the customer information.

We make sure our customers are given trustworthy answers which will end their concerns. Our response doesn’t exceed one business day after each complaint.

Our proficient customer respondent staffs pay keen attention to the customer details. This serves as the foundation for answering their questions.

And in return the customer service group takes a bold step of determining the advantage that suits the customer most. We are also distinguishing the opportunities that suits the customer best.

We keep the data and information of our customers private with utmost importance. At Unique we do not prompt them to share it either.

We also invest much in have a long-lasting relationship in view of receptiveness and validity.

About Paraiba World

OUR SERVICES ARE QUICK: The system that opens records is faster and with minimal bureaucracy.

WE ARE NOT controlled by any Central Bank.


We ensure that our client data and information are confidential and we don’t exchange with other banks or any monetary authorities.

Unique Bank has workers that speak several languages that are ready to serve you better.


All money exchanges are always ensured and client is anonymous and an account is treated in the same way.

Unique Private Bank offers very low cost service, and we consider our clients benefits first.

Every client has a representative from the organization attached to him. This is to serve the individual better and faster in case of questions and complaints.

We sometimes offer customized answers for a numerous number of questions.

One example are money-based issues and if not satisfied a request can be submitted to a representative.

Paraiba World Information.


Trading in a global market is a challenge. Our trade finance solutions overcome cashflow issues and empower clients to maximize the potential of any opportunity.

We manage currency volatility and stabilize stock provision for your business.

Fast, flexible funding for both purchasers and providers of collateralized LC, SBLC, BG, POF, and BCL for insured, recorded trades.


Offering comprehensive structured finance solutions for any complex financial arrangement for international and multinational clients.

Especially those who seek a bespoke arrangement that reaches beyond traditional finance capabilities.

Whether CDOs, synthetic instruments, CBOs or syndicated loans, or a bespoke combination to suit specific requirements.

We offer fast, effective solution for every situation. Whatever the issue, we develop an appropriate solution.


We guide clients through the arrangement and execution of a broad range of financial instruments.

This includes syndications, private placements, preferred share models, private equity funding and more.

Our tailored approach ensures that our team meets individual demands, that provide a bespoke solution that allows clients to achieve their objectives quickly.


Unique Private Bank manages one of the leading Investment Banking services in the country. Our goal is to become the asset manager of choice for our clients.

About Paraiba World


At Unique Private Bank we offer full bank endorsement for your negotiable instrument. For projects and agreements we provide valuable assurance to counterparties and empower negotiations.

With a reputation for excellence and integrity, our endorsement helps facilitate international trade. We also provide balance and assurance to any counterparty, that are enabling transactions across borders to be seamless and effective.

Whether Banker acceptance or time draft, our endorsement service is a complete solution for trade.

About Us


Simplify your business banking with Unique Private Bank and help your company grow to new heights.

We help you take advantage of business opportunities that no one else is willing to finance during this economic downturn.

Bonovo Road, Fomboni Island of Mohéli, Comoros Union
Email: [email protected]

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